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  Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions
Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions - Phone Cards

1) By using this website you confirm your agreement to our Terms and Conditions. Our Terms and Conditions may be subject to change at any time. These Terms & Conditions shall be governed, and interpreted, in accordance with Australian Law and Australian Courts shall have jurisdiction to resolve any disputes between us.

2) We reserve the right to refuse any orders placed by either our website, telephone or by mail order. Your receipt of an electronic or other form of order confirmation does not signify our acceptance of your order, nor does it constitute confirmation of our offer to sell. We reserve the right at any time after receipt of your order to accept or decline your order for any reason. We reserve the right at any time after receipt of your order, without prior notice to you, to supply less than the quantity you ordered of any item.

3) You are strongly advised to read the Terms / Conditions and related information for the phone card(s) which you wish to purchase. Whilst on the on-line store these will normally appear when you select the card you which to put in your cart. Please familiarize your self with the phone card suppliers terms and conditions before proceeding to buy. We also recommend that you read the frequently asked questions (FAQ's)

Payment terms

4) We accept payments by credit card, direct deposit into our bank account, money order, cashier’s cheques, personal cheques, and company cheques in Australian dollars only. Orders are processed upon receipt of cleared payment. For personal and company checks, please allow up to 6 banking days after receipt for clearance of funds before the order is processed. We cannot guarantee the availability of a product by the time funds clear or payment is received. We will charge a $20 fee on all returned cheques. Cheques should be made payable to "Free Call India".

5) We reserve the right to reject orders should we at our sole discretion suspect that orders are not bona fide or are fraudulent.

Security, confidentiality and personal details

6) In any communications with ourselves you undertake that all the details you provide to us are correct, that the Credit card you are using is your own and there are sufficient funds to cover the cost of any purchases that you make.

7) You agree to provide us with the necessary identification which may be required to confirm your order. We reserve the right to not accept your order if you refuse to provide us with the necessary identification.

8) We maintain a vigorous consumer protection policy to fight fraudulent credit card users. Our transactions are encrypted using Secure Server Link (SSL), the industry standard in e-commerce protection. All attempts at fraud will be reported to the appropriate authority / enforcement agency and we make available our own private investigation service to aid the authorities/ solicitors / state police or attorney generals in their pursuit of credit card thieves. It is normal practice that our staff are called upon to manually inspect and verify all first-time orders or orders that meet typical fraud profiles.

9) We reserve the right to pass over information to the police and/or an official body information that may help reduce the use of fraudulent or unauthorized card use

10) You agree to keep all emails (faxes or telephone conversations) containing phone card details (including PIN numbers) confidential. We shall not be liable for losses incurred by you as a result of you disclosing such confidential information to any third parties.

11) Telephone calls with our customer service department may be recorded for training purposes.

Reliability of phone cards / calling cards

12) We are resellers to end user customers. For this reason, if you have any problem with a phone card/ calling card, you must contact the Customer Service Department of each card. This should be done immediately when the fault is discovered. Generally, unless otherwise stated, cards are non-refundable and expire a few months from the date of first use or on the expiration date printed on the card or email, whichever occurs first. No refund or replacement is provided for lost, stolen or expired cards or unauthorized usage.

13) In the very unlikely event that the phone card services you have purchased are suspended or terminated for whatever reason (including the insolvency of the phone card provider) we are not responsible for any unused credit on your PIN. Any request for refunds and replacement PINs/ cards should be directed at the phone card provider concerned. As a reseller we have no way of verifying the unused credit on your phone card because we are not given access to this information. As a reseller we also have no control over the network that is used by our phone card providers however we endeavor to only resell cards from long standing and reputable companies.

14) Our liability if any will not exceed the purchase price of any defective products. We make no warranty of products supplied with respect to incidental, consequential, or other damages.

Connection and verification fees

15) From time to time phone card providers change their connection and verification fees or surcharge. It is the responsibility of the caller to establish there is a cost and if so what this might be. For example, if using from a hotel then the hotel may place a charge on what might ordinarily be a toll-free number. Per standard industry practice, the minutes quoted on this website for each phone card assumes one continuous call to the destination, using the phone card's local access telephone number.

Order Fulfillment

16) Postal orders: An order is deemed completed once it has left our premises. All postal orders are sent to the address given. It is the purchaser's responsibility to ensure that these details provided are correct. We will normally be able to check the whereabouts of the delivery in the unusual events that a parcel has not been received. Costs incurred by having to resend a shipment will be met by the purchaser.

17) Email Orders: An order is deemed completed when we send you the email containing the phone card information including its PIN. This will normally be emailed to the email address given. The purchaser should ensure that they give a valid email address and that this email address is able to accept email from us.

Occurrences whereby an order is not received may include:-

a) An email address such as yahoo or hotmail that is full b) An email account that has 'blocked' email from us c) An email address that is inactive

In such circumstance we can resend the purchasers order to another email address upon request, however no refunds are given for these.

18) We are not responsible for the non-receipt of your card or email containing the phone card's PIN due to the provision of incorrect postal or email address by you.

Returns Policy

19) Cards/Pins are not returnable or exchangeable.

Calling rates and accuracy of information on our website(s)

20) We attempt to ensure that the information available on our website at any one time is accurate. However some of this information may be out of date. As an example the calling rates for using phone cards may be varied by the relevant Card Providers at their discretion and at anytime. We therefore, cannot guarantee the accuracy of the information we provide, however, we shall monitor information on an ongoing basis and update it on the website accordingly. We do not represent or warrant that the Services provided suppliers will be uninterrupted or error-free and that defects will be corrected. Whilst we do spend time exercising due-diligence in selecting our service providers, we are not responsible for any loses/damages cause by errors of service providers.

21) Most service providers of phone cards reserve the right to change their rates, applicable fees and billing increments without prior notice. We will look to update our rate tables and terms and conditions, within a few days of being given official notification about these changes. We suggest that if you want the exact latest rates, fees and billing increments, then you should check these with the customer services number that is specific for the card(s) in question, before placing your order.

22) We do not accept liability for any errors or/and omissions, and reserve the right to change specifications, information and descriptions of listed products.

23) In some countries certain phone numbers may carry additional charges. For example mobile phone numbers, national rate number, premium numbers and miscellaneous other numbers. If in doubt please call the customer service department of the card in question.

24) Rates on our website are rounded to the nearest cent. For example a rate of 5.01 to 5.49 cents may be displayed on our website as 5 cents and a rate of 5.50 to 5.99 cents may be displayed as 6 cents.

Our database

25) Web site visitors and customer details may be entered onto our company's database for marketing and update notification purposes. This may include our email updates list. If you do not wish to be added to update list then please notify us at sales@freecallindia.com.au

26) In the interest of security we do not store your debit/credit card information electronically. We only store the required paper audit trail / information that is required for our merchant account and those required for statutory reporting. This will include information that may be used in the fraudulent use of debit / credit cards. Because of this we will ask for your debit / credit card details for each order.

Applicable Law

27) These terms and the performance of all obligations hereunder shall be governed and construed in accordance with Australian law and the parties hereto submit to the jurisdiction of the Australian courts


28) All images, sounds and ideas are copyright of Free Call India. Use only with written consent


29) No additional warranties are given or implied, except by written agreement of Free Call India's management. Free Call India makes no warranty of its products with respect to incidental, consequential, or other damages

Rechargeable Cards

30) All rechargeable cards on this website cannot be recharged after 12 months from first use.

Disclaimer and Terms & Conditions - Free Call India

31) By using Free Call India you agree that you are responsible for the cost of your call from your phone to our Australian mobile access number.

32) We have no control over the charges and network conditions that your phone service provider may impose on or charge your phone for calling our Australian mobile access number. Accordingly, we are not responsible for any loss or liability that you may suffer if our service can no longer be used from your phone or if you are charged a fee by your mobile service provider to use or service.

33) We reserve the right to discontinue Free Call India at anytime without notice. We will not be responsible for any loss of liability that you may suffer as a consequence of the discontinuation of our service.



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Afghanistan - Landline
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Albania - Mobile
Algeria - Landline
Algeria - Mobile
American Samoa - Landline
American Samoa - Mobile
Andorra - Mobile
Angola - Landline
Angola - Mobile
Anguilla - Landline
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Antarctica - Landline
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Antigua & Barbuda - Mobile
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Armenia - Mobile
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Aruba - Mobile
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Ascension Islands - Mobile
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Barbados - Mobile
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Benin - Mobile
Bhutan - Landline
Bhutan - Mobile
Bolivia - Mobile
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Bosnia Hercegovina - Mobile
Botswana - Landline
Botswana - Mobile
Brazil - Mobile
British Virgin Islands - Landline
British Virgin Islands - Mobile
Bulgaria - Mobile
Burkina Faso - Landline
Burkina Faso - Mobile
Burundi - Landline
Burundi - Mobile
Cambodia - Landline
Cambodia - Mobile
Cambodia - Phnom Penh - Landline
Cameroon - Landline
Cameroon - Mobile
Cape Verde Islands - Landline
Cape Verde Islands - Mobile
Cayman Islands - Landline
Cayman Islands - Mobile
Central African Republic - Landline
Central African Republic - Mobile
Chad - Landline
Chad - Mobile
Chile - Mobile
Christmas Island - Landline
Christmas Island - Mobile
Cocos Islands - Landline
Cocos Islands - Mobile
Colombia - Landline
Colombia - Baranquilla - Landline
Colombia - Bogota - Landline
Colombia - Mobile
Comoros - Landline
Comoros - Mobile
Congo - Landline
Congo - Mobile
Congo Dem Rep Zaire - Landline
Congo Dem Rep Zaire - Mobile
Cook Islands - Landline
Cook Islands - Mobile
Costa Rica - Landline
Costa Rica - Mobile
Croatia - Mobile
Cuba - Landline
Cuba - Mobile
Cyprus - South (Greece) - Landline
Cyprus South - Mobile (Greece) - Landline
Czech Republic - Mobile
Denmark - Landline
Denmark - Mobile
Diego Garcia - Landline
Diego Garcia - Mobile
Djibouti - Landline
Djibouti - Mobile
Dominica - Landline
Dominica - Mobile
Dominican Republic - Landline
Dominican Republic - Mobile
East Timor - Landline
East Timor - Mobile
Ecuador - Landline
Ecuador - Mobile
Ecuador - Quito - Landline
Egypt - Landline
Egypt - Alexandria - Landline
Egypt - Cairo - Landline
Egypt - Mobile
El Salvador - Landline
El Salvador - Mobile
Equatorial Guinea - Landline
Equatorial Guinea - Mobile
Eritrea - Landline
Eritrea - Mobile
Estonia - Landline
Estonia - Mobile
Ethiopia - Landline
Ethiopia - Mobile
Falkland Islands - Landline
Falkland Islands - Mobile
Faroe Islands - Landline
Faroe Islands - Mobile
Fiji - Landline
Fiji - Mobile
Finland - Landline
Finland - Helsinki - Landline
Finland - Mobile
France - Mobile
French Guiana - Landline
French Guiana - Mobile
French Polynesia - Landline
French Polynesia - Mobile
Gabon - Landline
Gabon - Mobile
Gambia - Landline
Gambia - Mobile
Georgia - Landline
Georgia - Mobile
Ghana - Landline
Ghana - Accra - Landline
Ghana - Mobile
Gibraltar - Landline
Gibraltar - Mobile
Greece - Mobile
Greenland - Landline
Greenland - Mobile
Grenada - Landline
Grenada - Mobile
Guadeloupe - Mobile
Guantanamo Bay - Landline
Guantanamo Bay - Mobile
Guatemala - Landline
Guatemala - Mobile
Guinea - Landline
Guinea - Mobile
Guinea Bissau - Landline
Guinea Bissau - Mobile
Guyana - Landline
Guyana - Mobile
Haiti - Landline
Haiti - Mobile
Honduras - Landline
Honduras - Mobile
Hungary - Mobile
Iceland - Landline
Iceland - Mobile
Indonesia - Landline
Indonesia - Mobile
Iran - Landline
Iran - Mobile
Iran - Tehran - Landline
Iraq - Landline
Iraq - Mobile
Ireland - Mobile
Israel - Landline
Israel - Jerusalem - Landline
Israel - Mobile
Israel - Tel Aviv - Landline
Italy - Mobile
Ivory Coast - Landline
Ivory Coast - Mobile
Jamaica - Landline
Jamaica - Mobile
Japan - Mobile
Jordan - Landline
Jordan - Amman - Landline
Jordan - Mobile
Kazakhstan - Landline
Kazakhstan - Mobile
Kenya - Landline
Kenya - Mobile
Kiribati - Landline
Kiribati - Mobile
Korea - North - Landline
Korea North - Mobile
Kuwait - Landline
Kuwait - Mobile
Kyrgyzstan - Landline
Kyrgyzstan - Mobile
Laos - Landline
Laos - Mobile
Latvia - Landline
Latvia - Mobile
Lebanon - Landline
Lebanon - Beirut - Landline
Lebanon - Mobile
Lesotho - Landline
Lesotho - Mobile
Liberia - Landline
Liberia - Mobile
Libya - Landline
Libya - Mobile
Liechtenstein - Landline
Liechtenstein - Mobile
Luxembourg - Landline
Luxembourg - Mobile
Macedonia - Landline
Macedonia - Mobile
Madagascar - Landline
Madagascar - Mobile
Malawi - Landline
Malawi - Mobile
Maldives - Landline
Maldives - Mobile
Mali - Landline
Mali - Mobile
Malta - Landline
Malta - Mobile
Mariana Islands - Landline
Mariana Islands - Mobile
Marshall Islands - Landline
Marshall Islands - Mobile
Martinique - Landline
Martinique - Mobile
Mauritania - Landline
Mauritania - Mobile
Mauritius - Landline
Mauritius - Mobile
Mayotte - Landline
Mayotte - Mobile
Mexico - Mobile
Micronesia - Landline
Micronesia - Mobile
Moldova - Landline
Moldova - Mobile
Monaco - Landline
Monaco - Mobile
Mongolia - Landline
Mongolia - Mobile
Montserrat - Landline
Montserrat - Mobile
Morocco - Landline
Morocco - Casablanca - Landline
Morocco - Mobile
Mozambique - Landline
Mozambique - Mobile
Myanmar - Landline
Myanmar - Mobile
Namibia - Landline
Namibia - Mobile
Nauru - Landline
Nauru - Mobile
Nepal - Landline
Nepal - Mobile
Netherlands - Mobile
Netherlands Antilles - Landline
Netherlands Antilles - Mobile
New Caledonia - Landline
New Caledonia - Mobile
New Zealand - Mobile
Nicaragua - Landline
Nicaragua - Mobile
Niger - Landline
Niger - Mobile
Nigeria - Landline
Nigeria - Lagos - Landline
Nigeria - Mobile
Niue Islands - Landline
Niue Islands - Mobile
Norfolk Islands - Landline
Norway - Landline
Norway - Mobile
Oman - Landline
Oman - Mobile
Pakistan - Landline
Pakistan - Islamabad - Landline
Pakistan - Karachi - Landline
Pakistan - Lahore - Landline
Pakistan - Mobile
Palau - Landline
Palau - Mobile
Palestine - Landline
Palestine - Mobile
Panama - Mobile
Panama - Panama City - Landline
Papua New Guinea - Landline
Papua New Guinea - Mobile
Paraguay - Landline
Paraguay - Mobile
Peru - Landline
Peru - Lima - Landline
Peru - Mobile
Philippines - Landline
Philippines - Manila - Landline
Philippines - Mobile
Poland - Landline
Poland - Mobile
Poland - Warsaw - Landline
Portugal - Landline
Portugal - Lisbon - Landline
Portugal - Mobile
Qatar - Landline
Qatar - Mobile
Reunion Islands - Landline
Reunion Islands - Mobile
Romania - Bucharest - Landline
Romania - Mobile
Russia - Landline
Russia - Mobile
Russia - Moscow - Landline
Russia - Sakhalin - Landline
Russia - St Petersburg - Landline
Rwanda - Landline
Rwanda - Mobile
San Marino - Mobile
Sao Tome & Principe - Landline
Sao Tome & Principe - Mobile
Saudi Arabia - Landline
Saudi Arabia - Mobile
Senegal - Landline
Senegal - Mobile
Seychelles - Landline
Seychelles - Mobile
Sierra Leone - Landline
Sierra Leone - Mobile
Slovenia - Landline
Slovenia - Mobile
Solomon Islands - Landline
Somalia - Landline
Somalia - Mobile
South Africa - Mobile
Spain - Barcelona - Landline
Spain - Madrid - Landline
Spain - Mobile
Sri Lanka - Landline
Sri Lanka - Colombo - Landline
Sri Lanka - Mobile
St Helena - Landline
St Helena - Mobile
St Kitts & Nevis - Landline
St Kitts & Nevis - Mobile
St Lucia - Landline
St Lucia - Mobile
St Pierre & Miquelon - Landline
St Pierre & Miquelon - Mobile
St Vincent & Grenadine - Landline
St Vincent & Grenadine - Mobile
Sudan - Landline
Sudan - Mobile
Suriname - Landline
Suriname - Mobile
Swaziland - Landline
Swaziland - Mobile
Sweden - Mobile
Sweden - Stockholm - Landline
Switzerland - Mobile
Syria - Landline
Syria - Mobile
Taiwan - Mobile
Tajikistan - Landline
Tajikistan - Mobile
Tanzania - Landline
Tanzania - Mobile
Togo - Landline
Togo - Mobile
Tokelau - Landline
Tokelau - Mobile
Tonga - Landline
Tonga - Mobile
Trinidad & Tobago - Landline
Trinidad & Tobago - Mobile
Tunisia - Landline
Tunisia - Mobile
Turkey - Mobile
Turkmenistan - Landline
Turkmenistan - Mobile
Turks & Caicos Islands - Landline
Turks & Caicos Islands - Mobile
Tuvalu - Landline
Tuvalu - Mobile
Uganda - Landline
Uganda - Mobile
Ukraine - Landline
Ukraine - Kiev - Landline
Ukraine - Mobile
United Arab Emirates - Landline
United Arab Emirates - Mobile
United Kingdom - Mobile
Uruguay - Landline
Uruguay - Mobile
Uruguay - Montavideo - Landline
Uzbekistan - Landline
Uzbekistan - Mobile
Vanuatu - Landline
Vanuatu - Mobile
Vatican City - Landline
Vatican City - Mobile
Venezuela - Mobile
Vietnam - Mobile
Wallis & Futuna Islands - Landline
Wallis & Futuna Islands - Mobile
Western Samoa - Landline
Western Samoa - Mobile
Yemen - Landline
Yemen - Mobile
Zambia - Mobile
Zimbabwe - Landline
Zimbabwe - Mobile
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